Types of Equipment Financing We Currently Offer

Joslen Commercial Funding offers equipment financing applications up to $150,000 without the need for financial statements. We feature middle market financing at a limit of $500,000, and large purchase items that are more than $500,000. You’ll either have a small down payment or not one at all. Our financing experts can also offer you several payment structures to choose from. No matter what kind of business related equipment you need, chances are good that we’ll be able to finance it for you.

Program Features

Your application can be approved in 24 hours, but large purchase and middle market financing usually requires anywhere from three to five days to be approved. We offer you up to 84 months for you to repay your equipment financing loan, and you’ll enjoy some of the best rates currently being offered. At the moment, these particular financing programs are only available for businesses that have been operating for at least two years.

Lease & Sale Back

We have found that a majority of companies that need funding for expansion would rather not use their bank lines. With our equipment leasing program, you can use your existing equipment’s equity to supply your business with the liquid capital that it needs. We purchase your equipment and lease it right back to you. Once you’re finished making all of your payments, ownership of your equipment will revert back to you.

Startup Program

You may have realized that many banks and other financial institutions refuse to finance startup companies. We welcome companies of all sizes and ages, even those that are younger than two years. Our main objective is to see to it that you have the quality equipment that you need to turn your business into a success.

B, C and D Credits

Many businesses have taken a heavy blow as a result of our current hard economic times. There are also many business owners who have ruined their personal credit in an effort to keep their business up and running. If you find yourself in either of these situations, we encourage you to look into our second chance program to get the financial assistance that you need to heal your business.

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