If you are a small business or a startup company you probably know how important focusing on the growth of your business is. As you know, business expenses can begin to pile up. You have to cover the daily operations, the payroll and the marketing. Working capital is the money that you have on hand to cover your short term costs. Unfortunately, for a lot of small businesses, there isn’t enough working capital to go around.

You might be worried if you find yourself in this position. Though, you aren’t without options. In fact, your business could be eligible for working capital loans. Here are three reasons why your business might want to look into working capital lending.

As a small business that needs to focus on short-term costs, you may need that money fast. If this is the case, then you won’t have time to wait around for a standard loan. Business and personal loans can take up more time than you have. You might not have weeks to go through an endless wall of paperwork. The great part of working capital loans is that they’re notoriously fast. You don’t have a long waiting period.

If you don’t want to be restricted in what you can use your money for, then you could benefit from this kind of lending. Maintaining your business and increasing your revenue is vital to your company’s success. When you need a lender that’s on the same page and on your side, borrowing working capital could be for you.

A lot of businesses shy away from investors because they don’t want to give up a percentage of the company when asking for a loan. If you want to maintain full ownership, you’ll be able to. You still make all of the decisions for the business. Of course, you’ll still be repaying the loan, but these loans are often smaller and take less time to pay off. You won’t be indebted to a lender for many years to come.

If you’re a business owner that shares any of these interests, then you are a perfect candidate for working capital loans. Growing companies can really benefit in the long run. If you have short-term costs that you need assistance paying, then your company could really take advantage of a working capital lender. With the funds in your hands, you will be able to focus on what matters the most to you: increasing your revenue and growing your business.